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Full Version: Myth or Fact?
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Does making a Partition for games only could enhance the Game Experience?

I don't have a good PC specs so im looking for every possible way that could Enhance my Gaming Experience without spending too much money. Im just a student. Big Grin
haha that is myth dude Big Grin, the only things that i know is your gaming expereince will be increase if you av widescreen monitor(it could be good if that is 3D), good games, and then good VGA processor and must be good RAM
So all in all need really a high specs of PC to be able to have best gaming experience. Actually that will be difficult when we have low specs because anything we want to have game booster will not be worthy. Big Grin
If you don't have money to update on new devices then manage what you got untill, the money arrives.
@riddy: lol that is happen to me, i want to play some great games but i have problem with the spec and i need more bucks to do upgrade
it's a myth it's all speculations andd misunderstanding..
it's just a myth i suggest you just wait for your money to arrive and invest it for a really good PC you can check the internet for lowprice computer parts and better to have assembled pc's than branded one, my friend just bought a really high spec PC for only 500$ an intel i5 core 8gb ram , integrated Video card but he can play high requirement games like prototype 2 crysis 2 sniper and many more i don't know all the details but that is really cheap for a gaming PC
Yeah i surgest you wait till the money comes in.
@leequick: since he is using icore5 i am not surprised, so far now intel's processor like i5 have quad core
I think that it is much better to buy new one not upgrade new devices. Big Grin
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