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Full Version: Do you regret the person you are and dream of being another person?
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Well, as of me i am contended with the person i am and i know if i work hard i would reach that of the person i wanna be.
We are always human being, if you see a little dude who you senior is making alot of cash and acquiring fame. You wish to be in that position. Heheh
Yeah thats nice but i to my self i know whats in me so seeing small dude acquiring much cash is gonna move me but what i do think of is if i should be in such evironment he is in i would have been the owner off world
In as much as we say we are okay with what and who we are, it is pertinent to note that secretly there are some people we admire and want to be like.
See without admiring the sucessfull once i don't think that we can be successful in life obviously the thread takes about regrets and not being proud of our
I don't think i regret being whom i am. I am happy to be who i am.
I never regretted what i am as i know that everybody has his own time to make it. It all depends on God and your determination
I never regretted myself, cause I'm proud to be what i am even though I'm not handsome.. hehe
Hehe, so jex you are not handsome. But thats good you are proud of yourself as i am handsome and proud
i am proud of myself i dont care what people might say. Big Grin
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