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This is good for internet marketing nor for promotion purposes. If you're lazy adding people then this application is good for you. But I don't recommend this.
of courese it will violate facebook's rule. just use it in posers. btw tnx ts . imma dl this one...i will need it hehe
this is great..but what are the possible disadvantages for using this stuff?
I don't think Facebook allow this one. This is good if you have a business account on facebook.
wow.. nice
i don't think that this program would work. i think that facebook has a system to stop this spamming or adding some friends in just one click. so i don't believe this thing will work. and after all it is expensive.
not pretty sure if this is safe. but i'll try it first on my other account.. tnx for sharing btw..
Well i think it will be used for promotion but then i guess i cant use it. Big Grin
haha same here! kinda use this not for my main XD

coz im scared a bit hehe
Maybe before this one works or even until now but if people used this they might just lost their account surely, facebook will block. I sent a lot of friend then got blocked but it's just temporary how else this software?
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