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[Image: facebookbox.jpg]

Facebook Friend Bomber 2.01 is the internets number #1 Facebook Friend Adder Bot. Stealth Friend Bomber is social network marketing software. Promote your business or yourself with "automation". Benefits Include: * More Time - Spend time doing what you want because your business runs on autopilot.* More Money - Because your business will be automated, you will be free to focus on marketing, and expansion.* Freedom - Because your business is driven by automated software, you can do what you want, when you want, when you get ready. Time + Money = Freedom

Facebook Bot benefits
1. Mass Facebook Amber Alerts (New)
2. Mass Facebook Friend Requests
3. Mass Facebook Friend Messages
4. Mass Facebook Friend Pokes
5. Mass Facebook Wall Poster
6. 100% CAPTCHA Bypass*
7. Single & Unlimited Licenses

Download Link:
dude is this safe? Doesnt it violater facebook terms? Thanks anyways! Let me explore it Ü
i think this would violate FB's rules.
of course this would violate facebooks rules.
this is good for those poser accounts.
(11-19-2011 11:26 AM)kruzial Wrote: [ -> ]of course this would violate facebooks rules.
this is good for those poser accounts.

ohh then it is confirmed that this software would violate FB's Rules
thx for the heads up man Big Grin.
should i try or should i not? hmm cant think Big Grin
hmmmmm, I've tried facebook blaster pro. it's more better.
Its up to you just sharing this..
lol I'll try this on my dummy account for testing purpose Smile)
this is a very dangerous, haha! I hope no one will use this.
I'ma try this one. But what jexter said, i will use dummy account Smile Thanks btw
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