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Full Version: This is it!!
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i will be direct to the point!!!

the investment here is 25 dollar = 1 100 pesos onetime investment..

believe it or not this is it.. we are pioneer here the company is 3mos old.. yet it pays more than 32 000 continue to grow.. here is one in our team
[Image: OCT4PAYPALfinal.gif]

if you have doubt search it to web right??

or you better stay die hard in clicking at ptc sites

SIGN UP NOW this is my blog on how to do this

another one for more info
do you have payment proof?
(11-19-2011 06:47 PM)neo143 Wrote: [ -> ]do you have payment proof?

i cant blame you if your unsatisfied with that proof,. But i clearly stated there that is was in the group that i join today that i recently laughed at.

its better to understand that to be understo0d.
new link was added for more info
nice cash Smile
thats a big earning bro. nice
is this for real?
Honestly in my 2months of work in ptc site i only earn 2dollar.

in clixsense i only earn 1$ in 1month with 5 direct refs and only earning to them .02$ a day.

how long will it take me to reach 14$ for upgrade?
Oh my God.

until one of my friend sent me pm promoting her blog.
And in surprise it really work to me. She help me and let me join in there team.
Finally after being die hard for a couple of months in clicking ads to earn just a few cents,
i found the real internet busines and job online.
In my excitement i created a blog for you to refer.

you may refer to my ads at it is
so why work hard just earning a few bucks?
This is it.
Join immediately ang advertise your link throughout web.

thanks to xtine.thanks thanks
Not everyone has $25 or if someone does have that cash- they wouldn't be that secured to invest their hard-earned money in that kind of too good to be true investment.

well thanks for sharing,
but Im not interested,

does anyone made up his mind 'bout this? Smile
"Its better to understand than to be understood"

how it come so good to be true wherein there is a proof?cant we see??

but dont worry i understand.
Your not alone with such negative thingking , Smile
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