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Full Version: Dragon Nest Russian Server Confirmed
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This is a good news for those playing Dragon nest SEA and leaving in europe country...
Big Grin
Russian players are playing Dragon Nest in the SEA server can expect to have a localized Russian server next year, as MMO publisher Mail.Ru has signed with Shanda Games to bring the dungeon-based action game to Russia. Currently, Dragon Nest has opened Chinese, Korean, Japanese, SEA, and NA servers. You can easily find out the game has set up many servers in Asia while there's no a dedicated European server. As many Russian players are playing SEA server, and even Chinese server, they may not be able to get the optimized experience, and now a Russian server will solve the problem. Russian server is just part of Eyedentity Games' global plan for Dragon Nest, and players in other areas can look forward to more dedicated servers in the future.
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