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Full Version: Microsoft Killing Off Windows Mobile 6.x Services
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By Eric M. Zeman

Microsoft today announced that it is ratcheting down the number of active services available to Windows Mobile 6.x devices starting next month.

On July 15, Microsoft will shut down the desktop version of the Windows Marketplace for Mobile web site, after which time users won't be able to browse or download apps via a PC. The Marketplace will continue to be available from WinMo handsets for the time being.

On August 7, Microsoft will disconnect its My Phone back-up service. Microsoft said that it will move users' contacts, calendar entries, text messages and photos to SkyDrive, but it will not move videos, music, documents and favorites. Users of Microsoft's My Phone service are recommended to back that content up elsewhere. Microsoft said that customers will be able to use their existing Windows Live ID to access their content in SkyDrive.

On October 6, the My Phone web site and service will be shut down permanently. At least five Windows Mobile 6.x devices are available for sale from U.S. carriers, including the HTC TouchPro 2/Tilt2, LG Fathom, and the Samsung Jack.
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