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Full Version: Your Favorite TV Show of all the time
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I have been watching TV shows for a couple of years now and i came across many many good tv shows.Share which tv shows are your favorite.

Here is the list of my favorite TV Shows of all the time.

[Image: dexter-20060927072657416-000.jpg]

2.L.O.S.T (Drama)
[Image: 700043005_8a1daafd-ffb6-4c65-b571-8899da...29lost.jpg]

3.Breaking Bad (Drama)
[Image: breaking-bad-season-2.jpg]

4.Six Feet Under (Drama)
[Image: six-feet-under-season-3-r0-inlay-cover-26496.jpg]

5.Prison Break (Action,Drama)
[Image: prison-break.jpg]

6.Kyle XY (Sci-Fi,Drama)
[Image: 48e44340740829342308bb1f437b5a1a.jpg]

7.SKINS (English TV Drama)
[Image: skins.jpg]

[Image: fringe-poster-1.jpg?d8bc3b]

9.House MD (Drama)
[Image: House-MD.jpg]

10.American Idol (Tv Reality Show)
[Image: american_idol-13246.jpg]
I think to me i like American idol because is more of reality show to me and we can discover talent by this process. I love to watch it and my country has started doing their own idol show also.
Yes American Idol has become very popular all over the world and in my country also there is a show called "Indian Idol" and guess what,the logo is also almost same.But i hate Indian Idol anyway.
Well thats right, the logo is the same in every country that participate in the idol competition show. In my country the season 2 of Nigeria idol will be airing live in december
and you are one of the competitor there, right? haha i think you should add one more, called Got talent..Big Grin, one of the good place but not like American Idol that only sing some song..Big Grin
Didnt know about the Got talent show. But might check it out soon. Another tv series i like, is the life in the fab line (kimora) and again the kim kardashians
That is great list macky TongueP
Big brother house, american idol. Mostly i loved the reality shows so i can also learn from their experiences and motivates ourselves. Big Grin
my favorite is walking dead and don't lie to me Big Grin i'm always thrilled watching them ^_^
I missed the Kyle xy i really watched every week but then the disappointment of it is that they have stopped producing the last part of kyle xy for unknown reason. Sad
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