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.●๋•●๋•๑۩۞۩๑SONY PSP TRICKS AND TIPS๑۩۞۩๑ ●๋•●๋•

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Sony PSP Games Information

The PlayStation Portable (PSP) is Sony Computer Entertainment's first foray into the handheld gaming market. While the PSP is technically a multimedia device capable of playing movies and music, most consider it primarily as a mobile video-game platform.

When the PSP was first appeared in 2005, Sony faced the daunting task of competing with Nintendo, who have dominated the mobile games market since the advent of the first Game Boy. The differences between the PSP and the Nintendo DS are similar to differences between Nintendo's Wii and Sony's PlayStation 3 (PS3). Whereas the Nintendo DS has hardware that pushes innovative methods of interacting with a video game, the PSP has hardware that produces unmatched visual and audible fidelity.

The PSP hardware is powerful enough to support games that come close to the home video-game console experience. PSP games like God of War: Chains of Olympus, Tekken 6, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, and LittleBigPlanet look and play like games that could rival their counterparts on the PlayStation. For those who feel that these kind of big, spectacular gaming experiences are not a good match for a handheld platform that is often played in short spurts while waiting in line or on public transportation, the PSP also has a large catalog of stylish, innovative games of the type many would wrongly assume is found only on the Nintendo DS or the iPhone. Lumines, Patapon, Half-Minute Hero, and LocoRoco are all and approachable game franchises that are exclusive to the PlayStation brand.

Since launching the PSP, Sony has released several redesigns. The PSP-2000 adds a microphone port and doubled the RAM and internal storage space from 32 MB to 64 MB. The PSP-3000 adds a better screen and a built-in microphone. The PSP Go is the most drastic redesign to date, with a slide-out gamepad making it much more compact than other PSP models. It also has much more internal storage space (16 GBs), replacing the UMD drive. Rather than buying physical media at a store, the PSP Go allows players to download games directly to device's hard drive, which can be expanded with a ProDUO memory stick. The PSP is also capable of communicating with the PlayStation 3 in various ways. One of the unique ways in which both devices can work together is the Remote Play feature. Though compatible with only a limited number of games, the PSP is able to wirelessly access games that are stored on a PS3 that's connected to the Internet, allowing gamers to enjoy them when they are away from the television.


1. Basic PSP Tips

3 small tips on Sony PSP

Full Technical Specifications of the PSP

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How to permanently change background color?

How to connect PSP to Linux and Mac OSX?

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PSP Firmware Versions and Why They Matter

PSP Battery Life

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How to clean your PSP?

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Frequent PSP Problems

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What to do if UMD Game/Movie Won't Load?

2. PSP Assembly and Disassembly

How to Put the Buttons and Shell into Place?

How to reinstall the LCD?

Installing the Main Circuit Board

How to reinstall network card?

How to remove network card from your PSP?

How to remove PSP mainboard?

How to remove the LCD Tray?

How to remove the LCD?

How to remove the top of PSP?

Preparation before you start dsimantling your PSP

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