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Full Version: How to remove the LCD?
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How to remove the LCD?

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The next step is to remove the LCD from the PSP. Be careful, as this is arguably the key component to your device and almost certainly the most expensive to replace. A scratch or too much pressure could cause serious problems.

1. Carefully pry the catch off the left side of the lower button circuit strip with a small flat head screwdriver.

2. Lift the button bar assembly off the PSP.

3. Carefully release the catch to the circuit strip that connects the bar to the PSP. This is accomplished by using a small flat head screw driver to lift the brown catch up, which allows the circuit strip to slide free of the catch.

5. The LCD is held in place by four bevel catches to keep the LCD screen in a metal LCD tray. Carefully slide a flat head screwdriver between the LCD screen and the tray at the top-left corner and lift the LCD screen out of the tray. Once it has freed the catch, do the same on the lower-left side of the LCD tray. Once this side is free, slowly lift the LCD screen up a few millimeters out of the tray and then lift only the top of the LCD screen. There are two circuit strips behind the LCD that need to be removed before taking out the LCD.

6.Lift the left (smaller) catch from the top to release the circuit strip.

7. Lift the right (larger) catch from the bottom to release the larger strip.

Getting a feeling when releasing the catches takes a little practice. You must not break off the plastic catches or break a circuit in the connector.
What psp is that? Phat or Slim ?
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