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Full Version: banning game
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Hello cellians,

I have created new great forum game so we everyone have great fun.

Ban the person who posted above you.
LOL i want to BAN you Admin!
I ban you for banning admin Big Grin.
I ban you because your people in your avatar is moving too fast ;DD
I ban you because you dont know how to put fullstop after your last words.
I ban you because u are fuckin teacher for grammar
(11-24-2011 08:51 PM)smajlicoff Wrote: [ -> ]I ban you because u are fuckin teacher for grammar

Im gonna ban you because you are an admin. and you don't know how to censor your words,
e.g. fuck=fvck

nah yah know!
I ban you for no reasons at all.. Big Grin
i will BAN you coz i love your AVatar...
bam you red signature Smile
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