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Full Version: Froggy Hits - Froggy Payment proof
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Froggy Hits is Manual Traffic Exchange

All New Members Will Receive 100 Credits Activation Bonus After Surfing Just 25 Sites!

Minimum payment is $5.00 and can be paid to either your PayPal or Alertpay account - Payout is automatic on every Monday

100 Join Credits For All Members After Surfing 25 Sites for Activation
2:1 Surf Ratio For Free Members
Progressive Surfing Ratio - The more you surf, the more Credits you Earn Per click!
Cash and Credit prizes in the rotation daily
Word Game
Surfing Promos - Everyone has the chance to win Cash and Credits Daily in 25aDay plus Random Promo s!
Member Banners & Text Links on the Surf Bar Displayed without using Credits as Long as you have Approved sites In the rotation
Chat, Make Friends and Network with other Marketers in Froggy Hits Chat
Customised Surf Bar with Social Icons Connect With Other members at twitter, Facebook, IMFaceplate & Apsense.
Customised Downline Builder - Just Add YOUR ID!

[Image: 14lhnuq.jpg]

[Image: qpnjfl.jpg]

My payment proof:
[Image: szwhdu.jpg]

My 2nd. payment proof:

[Image: 29f42nt.jpg]

Register - Froggy

THE Best Manual Traffic Exchange Is HERE

[Image: ban3_5107.jpg]
My next payment proof from Froggy Hits:

[Image: 34q8nyu.jpg]

Froogy - Register
My 5 payment proof from Froggy Hits:

[Image: 35ceids.jpg]

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