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[ Emulation RO ] Newly Opened Ragnarok Private Server
08-09-2014, 04:48 AM
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[ Emulation RO ] Newly Opened Ragnarok Private Server
[center]Emulation Ragnarok Online
Server Information
Server features :
Rates: 25k/25k/8k
MvP Drop : 40%(use bubblegum to make it 80%.)
Max Level : 1000/250
Max Stats : 1000
@go 0 - Main Town | @go 37 - Mall Room
Server changes :
Custom weapons added.
Paladin's walk speed with defender will not slow you down.
Orc Lord = Same effect as Seyren Windor but the DEX version. -94 Hit To balance it out.
Golden Thief Bug = 25% reduce magic damage.
Hurricane's Fury = Effect nerfed
Valkyrie's Manteau = Nerfed Completely
Yggdrasil Berry, Yggdrasil Seed, and Giggling Box no longer work in PvP and GvG maps
Frus Card = Effect nerfed
MvP Spawn rates are 30 mins each
Platinum Shield - Nerfed completely
Maya = 15%
Thanatos and Tao Gunka Card - Won't cause negative def or mdef
Tao Gunka Card - 5000% HP for Super Baby, Ninja and Gunslinger 200%
Noxious Cards, 5% reduce long range and 5% neutral
Alligator Cards, 4% reduce long range
Horn Cards - 5% more damage with the skill Double Strafing and Arrow Vulcan (goes in accessory)
Thara Frog card, 15% reduce demi-human - Same goes for Tirfing, Executioner, and Mysteltain cards.
High Priest Card - 100% more damage with Holy Light
Gloom Under Night Card -10% on Dark and Demon
These weapons will have the effect of the weapon Grimtooth as well.
Gakkung Bow
Hardcover Book
Gate Keeper
Warrior's Balmung
Oriental Lute
War Axe
Hurricane's Fury
Pole Axe
Caesar's Sword
Huuma Giant Wheel Shuriken
Mighty Staff
Queen's Whip
Vengful Gladiator Great Sword
Bloodlord Defender Sword
Western Outlaw(-80% defense)
Quincy Bow
Skyfire Hawk Bow
Bow Of Taut Sinew
Wardlord Staff
Brightwood Staff
Tomahawk is a one handed weapon and gives 500% boost for tomahawk throws.
So far, the epic weapons were created to help the following classes balanced out.
Mages, archers, priest and swordsman classes.
Donator accounts featuring -
You must purchase your donator account in-game by talking to our donator NPC to get these features:
100% extra experience Bonus when killing mobs.(100% means 2x the original experiences.)
100% drop boost for donator account users.(100% means 2x the original experiences.)
PvP mode features -
PVP mode uses the GvG Reductions.
50% bonus experience rates for players in PVP mode.
Only players that have @pvpmode on are able to fight each other.
block the usage of @go and @warp if the player is using @pvpmode.
60 seconds wait from the last damage taken, to disable @pvpmode.
120 seconds wait time for activate @pvpmode again when you stop using it (by command or being killed)
Others features -
Max cart weight : 40000
10% tax taken from users on vending and autotrade.
1m zeny required to do a @changegm (Change Guild Leader)
In-game NPCs:
Mall shop - but only limited items, no imbalanced items sold there.
Style NPC - allows you to change up to 27 hairstyles and 553 palletes, including 3rd jobs.
Donation redemption NPC - Claim your donation rewards here.
Broadcaster NPC - You can either use this npc to broadcast or buy a microphone and broadcast any where you want!
Heal NPC - only heal SP & HP (buff scrolls sold separately.)
Item Management NPC - Item Repairer, Card Remover, Item Identifier, Material Seller.
Dynamic Quest NPC - Shows you a list of items name/picture that you can make, it allows you to preview the item.
Equipment echanter - Information can be found when talking to the NPC.
Multiple NPC - Rental services, platnium skills, change sex, etc.
MvP Room - Information can be found when you talk to the NPC in-game.
More features about in-game NPCs are located at @go 0
Server security and hosting information - (California)
Server hosting-
4 CPU Cores (3.5Ghz per core, 3.9Ghz turbo) - Intel e3-1270 v2 Ivy-Bridge
20GB Hard Drive, 10k RPM Hardware RAID10 w/ 32GB MLC SSD Cache
512MB DDR3 Dual Channel RAM
1Gbit Port w/ 375GB Premium Bandwidth
DDOS Protected Network w/ On-Call Filter
Web Hosting - (HostGator - Houston, TX)
Unlimited Disk Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
Harmony Shield Enabled
Licensed eAmod server

There are freebies in-game,
There are also promo.
What ever item I will get from the invite a friend. I will give it all to you! Smile
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09-25-2014, 08:35 PM
Post: #2
RE: [ Emulation RO ] Newly Opened Ragnarok Private Server
hi, please next time try to keep only one topic per cellyforum, i had to delete other duplicated topics, thanks
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