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3 Small tips on Sony PSP
11-22-2011, 09:37 AM (This post was last modified: 11-22-2011 09:40 AM by mksmns1126.)
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3 Small tips on Sony PSP

3 Small tips on Sony PSP

[Image: 77f0bae08e.png]

Do you have and enjoy a PSP? Do you maintain it properly? These are not inexpensive devices, and you would not want them to burst accidentally, would you? Here are a few hints for keeping your PSP in superior working shape.

-Maintain the entire parts clear of dust. Just like a PC, dust may harm PSP parts and including the screen. In one case, I left my PSP in a dirty place when I went on holiday. When I got back, there was a one inch fracture on the display.

-Purchase a PSP case instead of a PSP sack. A case is strong and a pouch is cushy. This implies, if you by chance drop your PSP when it is in a case, it will endure the fall. Doing this actually ensures a longer lifetime for your PSP.

-ONLY purchase a memory stick duo that possesses enough storage for what you require. For instance, it is no use purchasing a two GB Memory stick duo, if you just use the PSP from time to time, and you put like five songs and ten images on it. This will save you cash and not make you feel like you squandered money.

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