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Reasons Why Blogger Overshines Wordpress
11-22-2011, 06:18 PM
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Reasons Why Blogger Overshines Wordpress
Blogging enthusiast often read such articles. There are 2 types of people who might want to read this post. Whether he may be a die hard Blogger user, who wishes to get some solid points on his behalf to defend his right decision. Or he can be a blogging fan, who wishes to make the right decision in his early moments.

Before i could make any point here in the posts, i would say that its all about setting priorities. A Blogger plus might not suite you at all. So its totally up to the user. But, assuming that any one who wishes to get started with blogging, i believe these points below are enough to satisfy to choose Blogger, as a blogging platform, over WordPress.

1-Hosting 100% Free

What does that mean? People often confuse domain name with hosting. Briefly, hosting is where we host, keep our blog content/articles/files. Hosting is done over servers. Where as domain is the name of our blog. No website can be made without a hosting. Its the only way we bring our content to the world.

So Blogger provides that for free with 100% up time. You don't have to care about blog getting down in your entire blogging career. Google Hosting services have earned a high reputation over the years.

On the other hand WordPress doesn't provide any hosting service. Unless you buy a hosting for your self, your WordPress blog would be followed by the extension (yourblog.wordpress.com). Where as, you simply pay 8-10$ for an year(to buy a domain) and your blog looks just like a professional self hosted blog.

2-Customize Your Template With Edit HTML

ou simply cant customize the template HTML code in WordPress. This is one of the major factors i would recommend Blogger over Wordpress. Unless you pay for a template that suite your choice, you would hardly get any that is 100% perfect with all those best blogging tools installed. It would never happen.

So its a huge plus for Blogger, that we could install a general template (simple one), say with one side bar and footer. Now further customizations can be easily done through Edit HTML option. There are tons of tutorials online, that give a detailed walk through for various template customizations.

3-Earn Money Without Any Investment

Working with free WordPress blog i.e (with extension your-blog.wordpress.com) doesn't allow you to put Google Adsense ads. Where as we often see those pro blogs, with great authority, that have never switched over to custom domain and are earning big amounts. You can easily display Google Adsense ads on blogspot.com blog (i.e a free Blogger domain extension).

Installing Adsense Widgets hardly take few seconds.

4-Faster Indexing Into Google

Blogger being Google's service, is given more priority as compared to other websites and blogging platforms. A Blogger hosted blog gets faster into Google search results as compared to WordPress. This might not appeal to such tutorials blogs, but imagine a news blog. A single post that is ever hours delayed, has no worth once every body knows it around the web.

Some times faster rate of indexing is the only key tool that popular blogs play with.

5- Ease of Use / Integrated Into Dady Google

You already got the point here. Notice how Google is expanding its wings. Let it be a mobile operating platform or a blogging one, its under the name, Google. Does that really matter? Off course. Google monopoly would always benefit their products.

With a single login (Google account login), you can access all your Blogger blogs under one roof, dashboard. Overall, its pretty easy to handle Blogger blogs.

6-Blogger Blogs Are Totally Optimized For Search Engines.

WordPress users often talk about the extra SEO that WordPress blogs enjoy. There is no such case. The same level of search engine optimization can be achieved in Blogger blogs. WordPress blogs are provided with an extra option to add meta tags to individual posts, and that can be done through posts Edit HTML option of Blogger blogs.

So there is hardly any thing that WordPress users enjoy that Blogger fans don't.

To Summarize

When you are not getting any extra benefit from WordPress, why to spend extra loads of money over hosting? Thats the first question that a new blogger thinks of.

So, Blogger or WordPress? Which platform do you prefer.

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