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What to do if your PSP can't read the memory stick?
11-23-2011, 01:35 PM (This post was last modified: 11-23-2011 01:40 PM by mksmns1126.)
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What to do if your PSP can't read the memory stick?
What to do if your PSP can't read the memory stick?

[Image: d521079fc7.jpg]

First of all, remove your memory card the put it back into your PSP and make sure it is firmly and properly inserted into your PSP.

Check the parts
If it still cannot read, remove the card again and examine closely the metal conductors contacts of the card, there should be slight abrasion present, it's OK, but if you find dirts , clean it off. Take a soft cloth and wipe gently. If the metal contact is badly scratched, your card beyond repair. You can avoid scratched contacts by limiting the frequency of swapping in and out the memory card. Backup the data often! With prolonged use, memory cards would eventually damaged.

Check inside the card slot.
Make sure that the slot is physically in normal condition, if the area around the slot dirty, hold the cover open, turn the PSP on its other end, and shake gently to try to remove any dirts. Compressed air is the best way to loosen up dirts. Blow short bursts of compressed air on the slot to loosen up anything that stuck in there, and your PSP on its end and shake again.

Check the data integrity
If you have a card reader, connect the Memory Stick up to your PC. If your PC can't read it, your memory card is already unusable. However if the card can be read by your PC, backup the entire data of your memory stick, then delete all files inside your memory stick, format the memory stick then restore the data back to the memory stick.

For best result, format your memory card in your PSP not in your PC
Goto Settings System Settings and hit the X button.
Select Format Memory Stick from the list of settings and hit the X button.
The PSP will ask you twice if you are sure that you really want to format the Memory Stick. Select Yes and hit X, then select Yes again and hit X again. This will erase all of the data on the Memory Stick.
Restore the data

If all these efforts fail, there are only two possibilities, your card is damaged and the PSP memory slot is damaged. Try to insert another good memory card in your PSP, if it is cannot be read, then the problem is with your PSP. Contact your local vendor for repair arrangement.

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