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TOP 7 characters in gaming
11-25-2011, 08:43 AM (This post was last modified: 01-16-2012 11:29 AM by admin.)
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TOP 7 characters in gaming
7. Maxwell

[Image: 5567b672f4c3eff1ad7b0dec530300274a1941f4...15_q85.jpg]

Maxwell is the genie in your game console, the Santa Claus for your good deeds. Maxwell isn't generous to his peers in his game, though; he's not out to solve the world's problems or make everything better.No, Maxwell's purpose is to make sure that you, the player, can have anything that your heart desires to solve puzzles... or whatever else it is you want to do.

Maxwell's so devoted to you, in fact, that there isn’t a plot in either of the Scribblenauts games. There's simply a variety of puzzles, and the power to do whatever you want. You're presented with obstacles, and Maxwell has the power to create just about anything to overcome them. No matter your desire, Maxwell is your man. Would you like a cyborg raptor? It's yours. Laser-guided rocket launcher? You got it. Want to make sure that Abraham Lincoln wasn't assassinated? Recreate him, stick him inside an armored mecha and set him against any enemy that comes his way, and he'll live to fight any foe.

6. Frog (aka Glenn)

[Image: e6208347b0a5c74d3353cb23bbf30e6c17241dab...50_q85.jpg]

Glenn isn't like many of the other characters on the list; for starters, he never actually meant to be a hero. He didn’t even want to enlist as a knight, but when his friend Cyrus did, Glenn signed on as Cyrus’ squire, helping from the sidelines as Cyrus fought monsters and did heroic deeds. Unfortunately, Glenn’s reluctance to be the hero made him powerless to stop the villain Magus, who murdered Cyrus and turned Glenn into the more widely recognized Frog.
Frog fled in shame to the Cursed Woods, but his transformation was more than skin-deep. No matter how tortured he was or how much he blamed himself for Cyrus’ death, he never stopped looking out for others, seeking to redeem his act of cowardice by fighting the good fight in Cyrus’ place. Willing or not, he had the mantle of hero thrust upon him, and he didn’t shy away when it came time to step up and help his friends stand against Lavos, the parasitic horror at the end of the world. With them at his side, he was even more altruistic than normal, becoming the best person/frog-thing he could be.

5. Commander Shepard

[Image: 6ee5eed35caa9ebc3a914f28baccec230dc4d344...94_q85.jpg]

How many people can say they've risked their lives to save mankind not once, but twice? That's the story with Commander Shepard, who sacrificed her/himself to save the galaxy, only to do it all again when he/she is resurrected by Project Lazarus. Shepard doesn't just care about humanity as a whole, though; behind the galaxy-saving heroics is someone who is deeply empathetic for every member of his/her crew and any person who is willing to battle just as hard as she/he is for the greater good. There's a reason there's so much emphasis placed on getting to know your shipmates beyond just discovering their reach and flexibility; these people are so inspired by Shepard's generosity and drive that they're willing to do exactly what Shepard did: give their lives for the cause. You've got to be doing something right if people are willing to risk that much for your mission.

4. Subject Delta

[Image: 9aada64f0efca32a97d696ff96fda5e3c605f5d5...37_q85.jpg]

Some bonds are unbreakable; and that's exactly the case for Subject Delta and Eleanor Lamb in BioShock 2. They’re tied together eternally when they are forced to become the original Big Daddy and Little Sister. Their love never dies, not even when their bond is severed by Eleanor’s lunatic mother, Sofia, in an attempt to reclaim her daughter for some twisted higher purpose. Taking on the leader of Rapture, a completely psychotic woman set on some manifest-destiny ideal in an underwater world, Delta is out to set things right in this false utopia. But what sets Delta apart is that he's never really about revenge. He carries only a single thought in his head, and that’s to rescue Eleanor.While some might argue that Delta is driven by his irresistible, genetically programmed bond with Eleanor, he goes far above the call of duty during his journey. He proves he's not simply in it for himself, ensuring that Eleanor has a shot to live her own life. It's worth the wrath of Sofia and all her fanatical Splicers just to see Eleanor alive and happy. In the end, his bond with Eleanor is broken again, but that does nothing to deter him, and he sacrifices his own life to see Eleanor escape safely.It's strange to think that a bond created so artificially would feel so genuine, but Subject Delta gave Eleanor a life – and depending on your choices, he gave Eleanor a part of himself, too.

3. Ethan Mars

[Image: 4a2de6efc3435e70e4990a8425da7d8b1fce4703...48_q85.jpg]

How far would you go to save someone you love? If you're Ethan Mars, you're not only willing to give your own life, but also torture yourself to save your son. Mars isn't a superhero, space marine or knight; he's just a father looking for his son. Throughout Heavy Rain, he's pitted against increasingly dangerous trials by the evil Origami Killer, one of the more sadistic villains in games today. Ethan doesn't care about getting shocked by high-voltage wires, driving the wrong way down a busy freeway, cutting off his own finger or (in a totally dramatic, this-is-what-it-all-comes-down-to-moment) drinking deadly poison, so long as it means he’ll get a hint on how to see his son again.

2. Main Character

[Image: 98e849d430e2148a8e582998be2e152093c69b91...18_q85.jpg]

Persona 3's silent lead proves one thing: sometimes all it takes to make a difference is giving a complete stranger the time of day. Throughout Persona 3, he/she is constantly encountering strangers via social links, and ends up fostering deep relationships with these characters. It's amazing how far these relationships go, starting out as incidental friendships, but quickly turning into something deeper: a full understanding of another's psyche, and sometimes even love.
Our main character doesn't run away from others' heavy woes, either; this is especially evident from the Sun social link, in which he helps a young dying boy come to terms with his own death. And as the social links so notably reveal, everybody is suffering from some sort of hardship in life, whether it's the young girl who's trying to accept her parents' divorce, or the old couple getting over the loss of their adult son. Whoever they are, whatever their circumstances, there’s not a soul that our main character touches that doesn't end up for the better.

1. Jade

[Image: 584233ab182f3600c6916335318517ddabe1437f...65_q85.jpg]

Jade's one of those girls who just has it all. She's insightful, inquisitive, determined and brave, but above all else, she's one of the most generous characters you'll ever meet. Why? For starters, she takes care of a group of children who’ve been orphaned by the attacks of the alien DomZ, working with her partner/”uncle” Pey’j to keep them safe. It’s a role she takes very seriously, going to extreme lengths to rescue the kids and making it her goal teach them to look out for one another.
Jade pays the bills by taking on dangerous assignments as a photographer, documenting the deadlier forms of wildlife on her home planet, Hillys. Before long, however, she uses her talents to give a much bigger gift to a much larger group of people: the truth behind what’s happening to their planet. Driven by a need to serve the public and to understand both sides of the story, she starts infiltrating government facilities, where she learns that Hillys’ would-be protectors – the militaristic Alpha Sections – are in fact in cahoots with the DomZ, and are trafficking in human captives. Any other person might have left the DomZ and the Alpha Sections to fight their pretend war, but when Jade learns the truth, she's not willing to stand idly by, and she risks it all to expose the Alphas for what they really are.

[Image: b71e7a.jpg]
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11-25-2011, 11:50 AM
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RE: top 7 characters in gaming
i'll go with the Epic Frog Big Grin

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11-27-2011, 10:22 PM
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RE: top 7 characters in gaming
Ill go to the Frog. Cute Frog xD Big Grin
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01-02-2012, 04:14 PM
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RE: top 7 characters in gaming
Epic frog :DDD

Sorry for my bad english guys... Heart
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11-23-2012, 04:39 PM
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RE: TOP 7 characters in gaming
Their all game's characters are very outstanding, but most game character is frog because this character is so funny and very strongest. Its work is better than other game characters. So I really like it very much.

mahjong games are very entertaining
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