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Is OVI Store really worth ?

I have been using nokia 5233 and visited ovi store a couple of times and downloaded stuff,what i have observed is not all the applications work on our phone.I have downloaded some games also but they were so cheap and they ask for internet everytime we start so that they can put advertisement.It is really annoying.What do you think about it guys? Do you use Ovi store for downloads or you download from other sites? Share your views.

i have the same problem too, and sometimes when I start the game, it opens browser with page, where I have to register. On time I register there and I get sms that I paid 1$ for this game, its rude I think Smile <-please click this link, you will help me to earn Smile)

i agree guys..just download applications from other sites.going to ovi is just a waste of time for me.

same here! I prefer to download at forums and other sites. Though other application and games can only be downloaded at ovi store

Well i never downloaded in the ovi store and most of their apps or games are already free in other sites lol. Big Grin

i do use OVI . because it is free. the problem my phone is not a wifi phone. but for wifi phone you can download a lot of games easily in OVI. so it is worth it aslong as you have wifi connection.

Well i see some are free but i dont think that they have all of the best apps or files for mobile. Big Grin

yes not all applications are good. but there are so many free programs so you can still find some good ones or many enough .

Using ovi store for any online Downloads is not worth my Time in any way.


(11-19-2011, 06:41 AM)Dabchi Wrote:  Using ovi store for any online Downloads is not worth my Time in any way.

ovi store is for phone download although we have to be online on the phone. i think i got nice downloads there like phone lock by swiping across the screen. but i lost that program already though.

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