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Stuff for your phone.

Stuff for your phone look here dudes ->
It`s all for free.
ENJOY! Big Grin <-please click this link, you will help me to earn Smile)

i thought there is a list of applications here.anyways.thanks.

Thanks for that i have already lots of stuffs on my phone i don't have enough space for new stuffs.

nice share there bro Big Grin..

I know that site there's a lot of mobile themes there but those themes are from ownskin.

Yeah, i guess it is the sites for mobiles. Incorrect thread title lol. Big Grin

What the problem? Download to your pc apps and send by bluetoof to your phone and thats all.. <-please click this link, you will help me to earn Smile)

Well we are expecting list of stuffs in our phones but we find in your thread the link only. Big Grin

i don't like downloading themes any more for my phone. i am just contented with the default theme for my phones. i just want to be simple as it is.

Thanks for this! Quite useful for my phone!

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