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$10 gift cash for you! [consider as a gift to yourself]

How do I get $10 gift cash?
> You won't get that $10 gift cash from me but you'll get it from a site that still starting out that need users of their site; so they're having a promo - they're giving away $10 gift cash for every 1o referred friends.

so basically you just need to:
> Sign up
> Refer friends
> Redeem your gift cash*

*you can get up to ten $10 gift cash - it depends on how many friends you refer.

Do I need to buy/invest anything:
> No, ofcourse I won't let that happen. Haha
You don't need to buy anything from them, all you'll be needing is your computer and youre good to go.

What kind of gift cash are they giving away?
> Giftcash like Starbucks, Anthropologie, Gap, Urban Outfitters, Banana Republic.. etc.
to see the complete list click here

Is this site international?
> Yes, if you're living in the US, they'll deliver it to your door. And if you're an international member like me you'll be having an electronic gift cash that can be use to online retailers ( how good is that? :>)

Any proof?
My gift card is still in process:
[Image: ahsvlx44q5fk_t.jpg]

I'll be updating ya'll.

How 'bout a proof from another user:
[Image: oe21kfy1bdrq_t.jpg]

And this:
[Image: jtwt3z23brc0_t.jpg]

How to sign up?
> Use my invite link to get you started - ~click here~

If you've got any questions, just post here.

ill try it sir thanks

i'll try it too...

Is this gpt site ?

need to try Smile

(11-22-2011, 01:29 AM)Bock Wrote:  Is this gpt site ?

Nope, it's a site that offers cheap clothing and as a promo for their site- they're giving away gift cards. ^.^

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